Develop rich connections with others


  1. Make a point of having meals with family and friends
    Family dinners work wonders, introduce your children to new people, and the more you do this, the meals will turn into events with meaning

  2. Get a pet!
    A pet provides a focus for your love and a sense of it in return

  3. Connect with people at your local coffee shop or store
    Get into the habit of saying hello, smiling, and acknowledging other people

  4. Keep connected with at least two good friends regularly.
    Set up a recurring lunch date or phone call to boost love and familiarity

  5. Plan a sleepover for your child or invite your grandchild over for a night
    Extended, agenda-free time with another young person is restorative and connective.

  6. Reserve half an hour of one-on-one time with your child per week
    This enhances the parent-child relationship and gives a child a real sense of belonging and love.

  7. Join a group that holds meetings (book club, craft group, sports team

  8. Engage with dream makers and charismatic mentors
    They can keep you hopeful and make a big difference (particularly with younger people) to people with ADHD or VAST symptoms.


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