Develop intuition about the ideas you are learning

Intuition isn’t an innate skill, it’s something that can be trained and developed. The best way to do this is to slow down and truly understand your thought processes. What exactly do you know about the situation? What do you need to know? Why is your potential solution the right one? These are the sorts of questions you’ll need to answer to build intuition.


  1. Write down the concept or problem you want to understand on a piece of paper

  2. Write down an explanation of the idea, as if you were teaching someone else
    If it’s a concept, think about how you would explain it to someone who knew absolutely nothing about it. If it’s a problem, explain how to solve it and note why this particular solution makes sense to you.

  3. When you get stuck, go back to your reference material to find an answer
    This means that your current understanding of the situation isn’t enough to provide an answer. Refer back to your books, notes, etc, as the answer is somewhere in there.


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