Develop happy habits by practising them every day for three weeks.

Developing happy habits will help you get into a positive state of mind and bring you closer to success. Plus, a sense of happiness can  boost your health, performance, social involvement, etc. The 6 happy habits listed are examples of some that you may want to adopt in your own life if not creating. your own happy habits.

It’s not necessary that you adopt all the 6 happy habits at once - start off with one, and slowly add more as you move  along. Remember, you have to practise each happy habit every day for at least 3 weeks to establish it in your routine.


  1. Each morning, write down three new things you’re grateful for.
    This will train your brain to always look on the positive side of things. Alternatively, spend a few minutes each day writing about a positive experience you had.

  2. Meditate daily.
    Stop all activity, relax, and focus on your breath for two minutes.

  3. Perform at least one random act of kindness every day.
    For example, you could write a little note to someone to praise or thank them for something they did.

  4. Exercise for at least 15 minutes every day.
    Exercise is known to have a powerful antidepressant impact.

  5. Make more time for your friends.
    Make the effort to speak to your friends once a week or once a month to catch up. Maybe plan a group dinner. Stay in touch.

  6. Read at least ten pages of a good book daily.
    This is for your own personal development and learning.


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