Develop emotional maturity


  1. Always think positively about others.
    The way you think about others reflects how you think about yourself. When you think badly of others, you bring these ideas into your subconscious and start thinking about yourself in this way. So, focus on positive things about other people instead.

  2. Do good things for others.
    Helping others is an extension of thinking positively about them. It confirms to your subconscious that you are a good person who has healthy relationships with others.

  3. Allow others to disagree with you.
    It is only your own reaction to other people that makes you angry. Instead of being upset when people disagree with you, simply allow them to do so. You can still disagree, but do not let it enrage you.

  4. Be forgiving of all.
    Harboring resentments and anger poisons the subconscious mind. Be forgiving of all that have wronged you and you will ultimately be happier.


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