Develop authority charisma.

Authority charisma is very good for any business situation and situations where you want people to listen. You might want to avoid being charismatic in this way in sensitive situations (like weddings), or when you want to inspire people’s creativity.


  1. Improve your appearance.
    This will require you to do some research. For example, determine how to be the best-dressed individual in every environment.

  2. Learn proper body language.
    In Chapter 5, you have all the tools you need. Reduce nonverbal reassurances (such as excessive nodding), and avoid fidgeting.

  3. Improve your speaking style.
    Speak less, speak more slowly, know when to pause between your sentences, and how to modulate your intonation. More about this in Chapter 9.

  4. Show some warmth.
    Otherwise, you might be perceived as arrogant or intimidating.


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