Develop a strong team to tackle all upstream efforts

You don’t need a big team to complete upstream work, you just need a dedicated, effective one. Organization is key - ensure that each member has a clear, defined role to carry out.


  1. Write down the issue that you are facing
    You will need to understand the issue and all its dimensions before you can develop your team

  2. Identify the aim of your upstream effort
    What are you hoping to achieve? Write it down. This will guide you and your team when things get tough

  3. Shortlist potential team members - ensure you factor their typical levels of enthusiasm in
    Create a list of everyone you feel would be useful for your upstream effort. Think carefully about whether they would voluntarily and happily contribute - these are the people you should include in your shortlist.

  4. Narrow your list down by defining each person’s role
    What exactly would each person on your team do? Refer back to what you wrote about the issue you are facing and think about what each specific person can do to tackle it. You’ll notice some people on your list being made redundant - remove them.


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