Determine your partner’s Attachment Style


  1. Read and compare the traits and behaviors of each attachment style.
    Go through all the traits of each attachment style and check for similarities between your partner’s characteristics and the ones listed above.

  2. Determine your partner’s attachment style.
    Find the attachment style that fits your partner’s actions or if he/she has a combination of the Anxious or Avoidant attachment style. Can you rely on him/her? Does he/she fear intimacy? Does he/she worry constantly about your relationship?

  3. If you’re still not sure, try the Five Golden Rules:
     - Determine if he/she seeks intimacy and closeness. 
     - Assess how preoccupied he/she is with the relationship and how sensitive he/she is to rejection.
     - Try to look for various signs instead of relying only on one symptom. 
     - Assess his/her reaction to effective communication. 
     - Listen and look for what he or she is not saying or doing.


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