Design what you will sell on your value ladder

Before creating the funnel, define what it is you can really offer to your clients. You should be able to provide products or services that are very cheap or free, in order to attract clients at the beginning. Then progress with more and more expensive ones in order to earn money.


  1. What is a cheap product that you will offer to your customers?
    It can be a free massage, an e-book, a physical book with only shipping costs paid by the client, etc.

  2. What’s the frontend?
    What’s the cheapest, yet profitable product that you can give to clients?

  3. What’s the middle?
    Can you sell them something for $100? How about $1,000?

  4. What’s the backend?
    What’s the most expensive product you can sell to your ideal client? What’s the value that you can give to the client?


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