Design a system that works for you


  1. Identify an area of your life that you want to improve, a problem you're facing, or an opportunity you've noticed. Write it down so that you have a clear focus.
  2. Develop or refine a system to help you improve in that area. As you develop your system, consider the following factors: Will it align with your bigger goals? Does it reflect your values and commitments? Can you measure your success with this system? Does it encourage you to take action? Will it make better use of your time compared to what you're currently doing? Can you easily repeat the system on a regular basis? Don't hesitate to make adjustments or even discard a system if it isn't serving you well. However, give any system you create a try for at least three weeks (the time needed to form a positive habit) before assessing its effectiveness.
  3. Keep your system simple and straightforward.
    To test your system, explain it to a friend and see if they pass two tests: can you explain it clearly, and does your friend know of a better or simpler way to achieve the same goal?


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