Deliver a great deal of information without notes.

Visualization, association, emotion, and location are powerful ways to attach significance and meaning to expand memory. Using this method can help aid in remembering all kinds of information that is tied to your brain in meaningful ways.


  1. Identify the 10 major talking points from a presentation you’ve written.
    These can be keywords, phrases, or even quotations. They should not be multiple paragraphs long.

  2. Now imagine a place that you know well.
    It can be your home, the street you walk often, or a park you know well. Really any place that you have a great deal of familiarity with and can recall vividly will work.

  3. Now consider a path through that location and identify 10 spots that you can quickly see in your mind.
    If it’s a room in your house, for example, imagine walking through it.

  4. Assign a major talking point to each of these locations.
    Make sure to make the order of your talking points match the order of locations on your path. Use your visualization and association of each location, along with any strong emotions, as you assign each talking point.

  5. Now practice your presentation, without notes, using your walkthrough location as a tool for remembering each talking point in the presentation.


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