Define your identity in terms of values and be more flexible to grow and evolve


  1. Write out your personal values, i.e., the principles you use to guide your decisions
    Examples of values include curiosity, learning, mental flexibility, searching for knowledge, fairness, tolerance, etc.

  2. Pay close attention during conversations regarding your opinions or views
    Are your views in line with your values, or are your views outdated?

  3. Seek out information that goes against your opinions to identify your biases
    Actively engage with ideas that challenge your views and assumptions. Follow people who make you think, even if you usually disagree with them. You will eventually become aware of and outsmart your biases and filters.

  4. Revise or change your views and past beliefs when needed
    Be prepared for your views and beliefs to change as newer evidence is discovered. Ensure that you stay true to your values.


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