Defend your Biological Prime Time


  1. Figure out when your Biological Prime Time is.
    Pay attention to the times of day when you feel the most energized and productive—is it in the morning, afternoon, or evening? Your answer to this will help you figure out your Biological Prime Time. During your Biological Prime Time, you will be able to work with more energy and focus than usual.
  2. Schedule your most important tasks during your Biological Prime Time.
    Make sure to do all your most important tasks during your Biological Prime Time to ensure you'll accomplish them in less time.
  3. Protect your Biological Prime Time.
    To maximize your productivity, it's essential to value your Biological Prime Time and ensure that you use it wisely, and protect it from distractions. By doing so, you can make the most of your peak energy levels and accomplish your most critical tasks efficiently.


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