Decide what “wealth” means to you.


  1. Find your “enough is enough” number - the total of assets you need to feel secure and make sufficient income to support your family as you wish to live.
    Not at wild-fantasy, win-the-lottery levels, but a reasonable yet desirable level.

  2. Develop a clear, detailed picture of what your life would look like and how you would live if you had that “number” in place.
    Does this picture include a second home or a big vacation twice a year or owning a bed-and-breakfast? How do you use, spend, and invest your time in this picture?

  3. Identify the obstacles in the path
    Begin looking for and thinking about all the possible ways they might be removed.

  4. Construct a plan.
    Establish yearly, monthly, and weekly targets and benchmarks.

  5. Judge whether your present moment’s choices made with your time are linked to creating the wealth you desire.


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