Decide based on the 10 minutes, 10 hours, 10 days rule


  1. When you feel that you’re about to give in to an urge or temptation, stop and ask yourself these questions:
     -How will you feel 10 minutes from now if you were to give in to that temptation?
    At 10 minutes, you might be feeling good, with perhaps just the initial bit of regret creeping in. Perhaps you can still taste the ice cream and the pleasure is still tangible.
     - How will you feel 10 hours from now?
    Perhaps you’ll feel mostly shame and regret - the pleasure is fleeting and will be gone, and your diet has been soundly broken.
     - How will you feel ten days from now?
    You might be consumed by regret and have missed out on an opportunity or you might realize that a lapse in following through now won’t make a difference ten days later. If so, you can indulge a bit without guilt.
     - Ask yourself how you will feel ten weeks from now?
    Every decision has an impact on your future.

  2. Decide based on your answers.
    If you believe that what you’ll indulge in today won’t make a big difference to you in the future, let yourself do so. Otherwise, resist the temptation to prevent suffering unbearable consequences later.


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