Leverage the power of collaboration


  1. Collaborate with others.
    Working with others can unlock new possibilities that wouldn't be possible on your own. It's like being in a jazz ensemble, where everyone brings their unique perspective to create something new.
  2. Aim for everyone to be satisfied with the outcome.
    The goal of the collaboration is for everyone involved to be happy with the final result. If someone is unhappy, it's important to address the issue and find a solution that works for everyone.
  3. Explore new options.
    If collaborators have differing opinions on a particular idea, don't settle for just A or B. Keep exploring until a third, better option emerges that satisfies everyone.
  4. Edit ruthlessly.
    After exploring all the possibilities, it's time to edit ruthlessly. Decide what is absolutely necessary for the work to be its best and cut everything else.
  5. Simplify even further.
    Don't stop at just cutting the excess. Keep simplifying until the work is in its most essential form, even if that means trimming away more than originally intended.


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