Cultivate your grit


  1. ** Discover and develop an interest in a particular area. **
    Take the time to explore different areas and find something that you are passionate about. Or, if you've found out your passion already, devote your time to developing it.
  2. ** Devote yourself to focused, full-hearted practice. **
    Focus on your weaknesses and practice them over and over again.
  3. ** Identify your work as both personally interesting and connected to the well-being of others. **
    Connect your work to something bigger than yourself and find a sense of purpose in it. When you're passionate about your work and understand the purpose behind it, excelling becomes easier.
  4. ** Develop the perseverance to keep going even when things are difficult. **
    Never let your doubts and adversities stop you from achieving your goals. Be the grittiest you can be despite all the setbacks - you can do it!


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