Create your permission-based website.


  1. Budget permission into your website.
    Focus the website on signing strangers up to permit you to market to them. 
  2. Calculate the cost of earning one more permission: 
     - Cost of banners to reach 1K people, divided by,
     - Number of people who visited your site (of 1K possible)
     - It gives you the cost of getting one visitor to your site one time
     - Multiply this by the percentage of people who opted in, provided their email address, and explicit permission to market to them: the cost of gaining permission.
     - Compare this to the lifetime value of one of these permissions (i.e., if 50% of people you engage in dialogue with become customers, it costs $12 to secure a customer and the lifetime value of the customer is $100, then the investment is well worth it.)
  3. Test and optimize your offer.
    Pay for your customers’ attention now and get it later. Test and fine-tune media, banners, and the overall marketing process to maximize opt-in permission.
  4. Make the permission overt and clear.
    Don’t trick people into giving permission. Instead, focus on having a mutually beneficial dialogue. Respect data privacy as this is a major consumer concern.
  5. Use computers, not people, to send and receive information.
    Triage your users and ensure that only people who need human intervention receive this. Use automated technology to send and receive information and make it easy for consumers to escalate an issue to a human if truly needed.
  6. Focus on mastery. Online consumers need to feel smart. 
    Build simple tools that work on your website, that make people feel smart for using them – prospects will flock to you and stay with you.


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