Create your own MBA or graduate program, then commit to action instead of just theory.

When Tim Ferriss wants to deeply learn something, he creates his own ‘real-life’ graduate programs. Through direct experience, he confronts the challenges of the real world rather than just learning theories in a protected academic environment. He finds that he can control most of the risks and can’t even imagine the rewards. Try this method, and in a year, you may have achieved your dream rather than just learned about it.


  1. Identify what you would like to know or learn more about.
    Investing, creative writing, political science, business?
  2. Find out what a graduate program in that subject costs.
    This will vary depending on the course and the institution.
  3. Spend, or reduce your salary by, the hypothetical cost of the program.
    Reduce your weekly hours or take leave without pay to give you the time to pursue this experience. Pay someone to help you if necessary. 
  4. Start learning by doing—commit to action instead of just theory.
    Use your time to actively learn about that topic: join a writer’s group and focus on drafting a novel, volunteer to work on a political campaign, start a small business.


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