Create your one-liner


  1. Write down your one-liner
    Use the following components
     - The Character: Customers need to see themselves
     - The Problem: Customers need to recognize the struggle as their own
     - The Plan: Just hint at it so customers see that it makes sense
     - The Success: Customers need to desire that future
    For example, a gym/fitness company could use the following one-liner: “We provide busy moms with a short, meaningful workout they can use to stay healthy and have renewed energy”

  2. Edit your one-liner until it works
    Your first one-liner is a rough draft. Write it down and test it repeatedly. Run it by everyone around you, even strangers. When they start asking for more information about your brand, you’ve got the perfect one.

  3. Have your team memorize the one-liner
    Everyone should know it, from the CEO to the guy who mows the lawn.

  4. Repeat it in every piece of marketing
    The more opportunities a customer has to read or hear your one-liner, the more likely they will be to understand how you can make their lives better.


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