Create your  “I want, I will, and I won’t” statement to reaffirm your intentions


  1. When deliberating between quitting and following through, identify your “I want” – state your end goal and how you will benefit from it. 
    What are your reasons and motivations?  Examples include “I want to be rich,” “I want to be fit.”
  2. Identify your “I will…”- state how you will reach that end goal and the work you need to do to get there. 
    Be very specific, noting actions you must take and how these tasks tie into the end goal. For example, “If I want to be rich, I will need to finish this project by completing the calculations and writing the report.”
  3. Identify your “I won’t…” - state actions that will impede your progress. 
    State distractions and destructive or wasteful actions: “I won’t distract myself with social media.”
  4. Combine them all together to state your end goal, the steps you must take, and the actions you must omit. 
    For example, “I want to get a promotion, so I will complete the next two tasks, and I won’t check my phone for the next hour.”


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