Create temptation by mixing the promise of pleasure with a barrier or tension.

Your target will be tempted by your insinuations when you don’t let them have what they want too easily.


  1. Identify your target’s weakness. What is an unfulfilled dream they have?
    Discover their desires and what kind of semiconscious yet unfulfilled fantasies they have. Their weakness may be related to wealth, adventure, or forbidden pleasures.

  2. Give them a hint that you can help to fulfill that dream.
    Insinuate that you have what it takes to help them reach their fantasies, but keep it vague to maximize the effect of luring them into your seduction. Focus on suggestions, and let your target’s mind do the rest.

  3. Avoid routine or familiarity.
    Temptation and seduction require a barrier to cross or tension in some other form. Your target will become obsessed with you if you keep them at a distance. There is no temptation if you let them have what they want too easily, and a successful seduction always requires some sort of temptation.


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