Create stellar environments and structure in your life


  1. Establish a schedule and to-do list
    Start with one or two regular, scheduled commitments or expected tasks, then experiment until you develop a schedule that works.

  2. Create a stellar home environment: a safe haven and happy place
    Consider the following:
     - Have structure, schedule, and rules to avoid confusion and chaos
     - Allow everyone to be real and genuine, encourage self-assertion, have a playful attitude and lots of laughter
     - Worry together and not alone
     - Have pets if you can
     - Be honest (not brutally honest), kind, grateful and cheer for each other
     - Don’t ridicule or tease and never go to bed angry

  3. Advocate for your child in the classroom
    Consider if the learning environment offers:
     - Low-fear, high trust atmosphere, with no shaming
     - Rules of the classroom are clear and on display
     - Seating arrangement promotes connection
     - Socratic method of teaching (dialogue/asking/answering questions to get information) as well as focus on identifying strengths
     - Project-based learning 
     - Frequent exercise breaks
     - Innovation and initiative encouraged

  4. Assess whether you have a working environment that meets your needs
    Consider if your working environment offers:
     - Low fear, high trust across the organization
     - Structure, organized but not regimented
     - Workspace set up that encourages connection
     - Permission to be honest, be who you are and acknowledgment of both weaknesses and strengths
     - Clear policies on important topics
     - Low use of HR department and focus on individuals resolving issues
     - Clear lines of authority, management explain expectations clearly and match workers’ talents to tasks

  5. Sleep
    Turn off electronics at least one hour before bed to give your brain time to slow down, make your bedroom as dark as possible, and have a comfortable temperature.

  6. Positivity
    Steer clear of people who bring you down, gossip, are cynical or negative

  7. Social coaching
    Complete social coaching to understand social situations and develop different ways of handling these situations.


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