Create more time for your most important tasks.

Many of us can’t find enough time to complete our important tasks—this is most likely because we have spent the bulk of our time on low-value activities. When we begin to cut these activities out of our lives, we free up more time to work on what actually matters.

However, sometimes we still find ourselves procrastinating on these important tasks. If that is the case, identifying these tasks and making a list of them will help you find the drive to complete them.


  1. Decide the exact things you are not going to do right now, if ever.
    Identify activities that are not high-value uses of your time and life, and say no to them. Ask yourself, “If I were not doing this already, knowing what I now know, would I start doing it again today?” If the answer is no, then this activity is not a high-value use of your time.

  2. Identify time-consuming tasks and activities you can abandon.
    Look at your work and personal activities, and identify the tasks you can delegate or eliminate, so you have more time for your important tasks. Select at least one activity to abandon immediately, or at least until you have completed your most important tasks.

  3. Select one thing you have been procrastinating on and make a list of everything you need to do to complete it.
    Then, immediately begin on the first thing you need to do. Move down the list until it’s complete.


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