Create more options for yourself


  1. Add “pluses” to your life.
    For example, instead of having a single salary, you can diversify your income by earning money with your hobbies, being conservative in some areas, and taking lots of small risks in others.

  2. Become antifragile.
    To stay in the financial field, you can, for example, deposit 90% of your capital in a savings account and invest the remaining 10% in risky but profitable investments.

  3. Work on your goals every day.
    It is important to set realistic goals and do something regularly that brings us closer to them. Every morning, ask yourself: "What can I do today (however insignificant it may seem) to get closer to one of my goals?" For example: “Have something to drink with a friend, as this will allow me to let off steam for a while and be able to share my experience.”


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