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  1. Tell yourself, “I love you.”
    Stand in front of the mirror every morning while brushing your teeth or combing your hair and tell yourself, “I love you.” It may feel silly at first, but keep doing it until it feels natural.

  2. Practice self-gratitude.
    When you wake up in the morning, give thanks for all the good things in your life. For example, thank yourself for your personality, hard work, passion, and patience. Once you’ve appreciated yourself, give thanks to other people in your life.

  3. Practice the 2-minute appreciation technique every day.
    As a team leader, get everyone in your team to commit to starting every day with an appreciation exercise. For example, before anyone opens their email in the morning, they should spend 2 minutes writing a short appreciation email to another team member. You can use WhatsApp or Slack or take audio notes. Do this for 21 consecutive days and note the difference in morale.

  4. Answer the three most important questions about your life honestly for 90 seconds each:
     - What do you want to experience?
     - How do you want to grow?
     - How do you want to contribute?
    These questions will help you identify the end goals that truly matter to you. You can use the same technique with your team to help them achieve their dreams.


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