Create learning organizations where people are rewarded for process accountability and continually seeking better practices


  1. Reward people for process accountability by keeping a scorecard which tracks how thoroughly different options are considered in the process
    The scorecard could evaluate the decision process, including: the problem, the different approaches that have been considered in the past and how the proposed solutions serve the customer, as well as the outcomes.

  2. Ensure that at a certain stage in the decision making process, people explain the procedures behind their decisions in real time
    When we explain the procedures behind our decisions in real time, we think more critically and process the possibilities more thoroughly.

  3. Question decisions to ascertain possible risks and to identify assumptions
    Ask ‘How do you know?’ It’s nonjudgmental—a straightforward expression of doubt and curiosity that doesn’t put people on the defensive. Also ask: ‘What leads you to that assumption? Why do you think it is correct? What might happen if it’s wrong? I understand the advantages of your recommendation. What are the disadvantages?’

  4. Encourage reporting mistakes and learning from them.
    People will feel safe when taking risks and sharing the valuable lessons learned.


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