Create indistractable relationships


  1. Sit down with your kids.
    Discuss the effects of their excessive use of technology on their productivity and on your family. Give them an opportunity to come up with solutions that can help them minimize distractions.
  2. Put your kids in charge and support them.
    Ask them for their own ideas on how they can minimize distractions. It’s only when kids practice monitoring their own behavior that they learn how to manage their own time and attention. 
  3. Check your child’s opportunities for competence.
    Do they have activities that can let them develop new skills or learn new ideas? Give them suggestions on alternative activities that they can increase their skills.
  4. Create social activities.
    Do your kids have enough time to spend with friends and family? Encourage them to participate in family gatherings and present opportunities where they can form social connections, such as extracurricular activities or community events based on their interests.
  5. Encourage loved ones to be fully present.
    Set new norms and/or agreements that make interaction with your closed peers or your partner indistractable and worthwhile.


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