Create great content.

To monetize your product, you need great content. If you produce content that is not very good or you give bad information, you’re not going to succeed.


  1. Know your stuff.
    Make sure that you can talk about your stuff like no one else can. Read everything! Books, articles, newspapers, you should read it all. In other words, become THE expert.

  2. Learn how to tell a great story.
    Tell your story. Make sure it’s great. For example, if you want to sell a house, tell a story about the intriguing history of the city and the house’s role in it or the amazing development that led to the house’s construction.

  3. Be honest with yourself.
    Are you really passionate about it? Do you have enough knowledge to be the best blogger in the industry? Can you talk about it better than anyone else? Honestly answer these questions, and don’t delude yourself. If you don’t know more than other people you know, it’s not your real passion. Not yet.

  4. Choose your medium carefully.
    The risk of choosing the wrong medium is that you may sound boring. Not everyone is born to be a YouTuber or a blogger. Find out what you are good at. Is it writing? Talking? Something else?


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