Create gaps in the stream of thinking.

Noticing the gaps in your thoughts leads to discovering your inner space. Gradually, through awareness, the gaps will lengthen by themselves. The gaps allow inspiration and creativity to enter your life and replace the previously repetitive, uninspired thoughts.


  1. Take a couple of breaths and become aware of the mind.

  2. Notice the steady stream of thoughts in your mind.

  3. Notice the brief cessation of the breath, particularly the still point at the end of the out breath, before you start breathing in again.

  4. Notice the tiny gaps between the thoughts.
    These tiny gaps may be a few seconds to begin with, but will gradually get longer.

  5. Become aware of the mind at every opportunity.
    While waiting in line or stopped at traffic lights, breathe and notice the gaps between your thoughts. More important than their length is to bring them about more frequently.


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