Create daily emails to your subscribers

Generally, the more emails you send to your subscribers, the more of your product you will sell. The difficult part is to make these emails interesting and make people care about them. The best way to do this is to make them entertaining. And at the same time try to sell your product.


Here are some rules:

  1. Send these emails after the Soap Opera Sequence.

  2. The emails should contain about 90% entertainment and 10% content.

  3. The story in the email should finally lead to a product sale. In every single email.

  4. Some ideas of what you can write about:

    • What’s going on in your Attractive Character’s life?
    • What happened that’s embarrassing?
    • How are you getting through the holiday season?
    • Where are you planning your vacation this year?
    • What did you buy recently that you regret?
    • What did you buy recently that you just adore?
  5. You might put the same content on your blog

Here are examples of those


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