Create a community.

Building your brand is not only about creating great content. Instead, it’s mostly about building a community. It’s about your followers, people who like to listen to you, and with whom you can have a conversation.

To build a community, you have to capture it. You have to be present on all social media platforms and promote your content heavily. However, beware of selling. The time for that will come later. Give value first.


  1. Create your blog post and distribute it through pages you know (Facebook, Twitter, or content aggregators).
    This is just the beginning of content distribution.

  2. Look everywhere for mentions about your topic. Look on Twitter search, blogs, etc.
    Comment on every single one. But don’t comment for the sake of commenting. Instead, comment because you are the expert in the field. Leave a thoughtful comment with a backlink to your blog post. Make sure that it’s intriguing, thoughtful, provocative, and/or intelligent.

  3. Capture the users.
    Make sure that your blog has the functionality to keep in touch with users, which includes a subscription button and options to “Follow me on Twitter,” “Join my fan page,” “Share on Facebook,” “Tweet this,” and “Email this.”


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