Create and distribute a “Employees’ Career Goals” worksheet


  1. Open a blank document on your computer.
    Type “Employee’s Life and Career Goals” on top of it.

  2. Put the following questions in the document:
    This will help you understand your employees' life and career goals and how to best help them achieve those. 
     - What are your current skills? 
     - What do you need to work on to reach your highest potential?
     - What are your career goals? Your life goals?
     - What do you expect from working in this company?
     - What kind of help do you want from your manager to achieve your goals?

  3. Leave a blank after each question. This is where your employees will write their answers.

  4. Save the file in an editable format.
    You can also print the document out

  5. Distribute the file to your employees.
    Make sure everyone gets a copy, whether physical or digital. Stress the importance of answering the worksheet honestly.

  6. Set a deadline when they need to pass it.

  7. Set a time to read the documents as they arrive.
    Make sure you have enough time in your schedule to read all the responses.

  8. List down the ways to help them achieve their goals based on their answers.

  9. Take action!
    Implement what you have listed. See how your actions could greatly contribute to their development.

  10. Repeat the process when there are new hires.


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