Create an attractive LinkedIn account.

LinkedIn is used by many corporate and agency headhunters to look for new hires. When you have an attractive LinkedIn account, you can impress prospective employers and increase your chances of getting that job!


  1. Include a picture of you on your profile.

  2. Include a link to your blog/other profiles.
    Only link those that will help you stand out.

  3. Go into a little bit of detail about your work experience and skills.
    Summarize major achievements of yours in past jobs. Highlight the skills you have that give you a competitive advantage in your field.

  4. Use keywords that would lead a search engine to you.
    Look at the profiles of others who have the job you want and copy the relevant keywords from there.

  5. Cultivate a presence on LinkedIn by posting updates of your career and joining LinkedIn groups related to your field.
    This will help you cultivate a presence on LinkedIn. You can create posts about a project you’re proud of, report on a recent professional event, etc.


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