Create a survey satisfaction sheet and distribute it to your team


  1. Choose a survey builder software that is accessible and convenient for you to use.
    The authors suggest using SurveyMonkey as a survey tool.

  2. Learn how your chosen survey tool functions.
    You can search for a tutorial online.

  3. Put “Employee Survey Satisfaction” as the title of your survey.

  4. Put these questions in your survey:
     - How satisfied are you with your workplace and the support you’re receiving?
     - What tools or parts in your workplace are frustrating? Why?
     - What do you think are the best ways to improve our system?

  5. Save and publish the survey.

  6. Distribute it to all your employees.
    Make sure everyone receives the link.

  7. Set a deadline for them to respond.

  8. Review the responses once received.
    You may schedule a time to read all the responses or read them immediately.

  9. Make necessary improvements in your workplace based on the responses.

  10. Repeat the process every end of the month.
    This will help you regularly assess what part of the workplace needs development.


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