Create a self-inventory.

Creating a self-inventory will help you learn to describe yourself in multiple different ways, as well as help you identify your skills and talents more clearly. You will also be able to better describe the type of job you’re looking for.


  1. Mentally prepare yourself by stripping yourself of any past job-titles.
    When you ask yourself, “who am I?” do not answer with your vocation (ex. “I am an accountant”). Instead, tell yourself, “I am a person who has had xyz experience with accountancy”. Remember, you are a person, not a job.

  2. Prioritize the following aspects of a job in order of importance to you:
    The salary, the geographical location, the people you work with, the look and feel of your workplace, the degree to which it gives you a sense of purpose/is aligned with your sense of purpose, the degree to which it lets you use your favorite skills and talents, the degree to which it lands you in your preferred field(s) of knowledge and interest.

  3. For each job aspect from above, describe who you are in terms of it.
    For example, for the aspect of “salary”, describe who you are in terms of your preferred salary and level of responsibility - ie. do you prefer to work alone/in a team/supervising others, etc. For the aspect of “sense of purpose”, describe who you are in terms of your goals/purpose.

  4. Condense all this information onto one piece of paper.
    This is your self-inventory!


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