Create a schedule and use overflow conditional blocks if necessary.

By creating an effective schedule for your day, you’ll make powerful progress as your day unfolds. It is a great tool to supercharge your productivity and achieve massive success.


  1. Schedule work and leisure every day.
    Write down all the work and leisure activities or tasks you want to complete each day, and then assign each of them a time slot.

  2. Handle interruptions well.
    Your schedule can be disturbed by the wrong estimate of the time required for tasks and people interrupting you in the middle of work. If your schedule is disrupted, take some time out immediately to make a revised schedule for the remaining time.

  3. Use overflow conditional blocks if necessary.
    People tend to allocate less time to tasks than is required. To counter this, use overflow conditional blocks: Allocate a certain amount of time for each task and then some additional time that can be used to either continue the work or do other tasks.


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