Create a plan to manage and remove stress from your life


  1. Write down an action plan for dealing with sudden stress
    Think of as many stressful situations as you can and then visualize how you would respond to each one. Write down your action plan for every response. Work through your plan in your mind and also visualize a positive outcome for each scenario.
  2. Wake up your Computer quickly whenever you start to feel stressed
    If you suddenly feel anger or apprehension rising within you, quickly wake up your Computer by saying the word “Change” out loud. This word implies “I intend to CHANGE my immediate stress reaction.” This will distract your Chimp from reacting emotionally and remind it that you intend to handle the stress differently this time.
  3. Imagine a big pause button on your Computer to slow down your Chimp
    Once your Computer has woken up, you still have to stop your Chimp from reacting to the stress. Therefore, visualize a giant pause button on your Computer and press it to cause the Chimp to freeze. This will allow your Human enough time to intervene and deal with the stressful situation.
  4. Write down your chronic stressors and find a friend to talk to
    Write down a list of the things that are chronically stressing you out so that it’s clear how many you have and what needs addressing. Then approach someone you trust and ask them for help in dealing with your stressors. Make action plans to deal with each one and ensure that you allocate time to execute your plans. Arrange to meet your friend again so that they can hold you accountable for your progress.
  5. Check your lifestyle for behaviors that are creating unnecessary stress
    Look for things such as work routines, hobbies, relationships, or places that are preventing you from being happy. You can ask a friend or colleague to help you identify these areas in your life. Once you identify these lifestyle stressors, work on letting them go or replacing them with healthier routines.


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