Create a journal to guide your future self


  1. Decide the behaviour you want to change.
    If you cannot figure out what you want to change, observe yourself for a few days and take note of the behaviors that are not bringing positivity or benefits to your life.

  2. Write affirmations that will help you change your behavior.
    Do not overthink your affirmations and go with the flow while writing. For example, if you are someone with anger issues, you can write affirmations like, ‘I am calm’ or, ‘I can transform anger into peace.’

  3. Write down the steps to practice these new behaviors in daily life.
    For example, if you want to calm your anger, you could write down steps like, ‘I will think before I speak’ or ‘I will try not to react”.

  4. Work on one behavior at a time.
    You do not need to write about another behaviour until you successfully see change in your present behaviour. After seeing changes, you can start working on a new behaviour - this will ensure you have complete focus on what you want to change.


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