Think like a designer


  1. Embrace constraints by thinking creatively within limitations. When faced with limited options, see it as an opportunity to push your creative boundaries. Challenge yourself to find innovative solutions that work within the given constraints.
  2. Practice restraint. Develop the habit of critically evaluating your content and design choices. Ask yourself what is truly necessary and impactful for your presentation. Be willing to let go of ideas or elements that don't contribute significantly to your message.
  3. Know when to stop. Set clear boundaries for the length of your presentations and the amount of content you include. Focus on conveying your message effectively rather than overwhelming your audience with excess information. Be mindful of what truly needs to be included and resist the urge to add more just for the sake of it.
  4. Adopt a beginner's mindset to foster creativity. While you possess expertise in your field, it's valuable to take a step back and approach challenges with fresh eyes. Adopt the perspective of a beginner, free from preconceived notions and limitations. Explore new perspectives and embrace the creativity that comes with looking at problems from a different angle.
  5. Put problem-solving before personal ego. Remember that the purpose of design is to solve problems and serve the needs of others. Shift your focus from showcasing your skills to understanding your audience or users. Prioritize their interests and design with empathy to create meaningful solutions.
  6. **Prioritize clear communication over decoration. ** Aim for simplicity and clarity in your designs. Remove any unnecessary elements that might distract or confuse your audience. Ensure that every visual or design choice enhances the understanding of your message. Keep your designs clean, concise, and purposeful.
  7. Obsess about ideas, not tools. When brainstorming and conceptualizing, rely on simple tools like pen and paper or a whiteboard. Disconnect from digital distractions and allow your ideas to flow freely. Develop a strong foundation of ideas before moving to digital tools. Let your creativity take the lead before technology comes into play.


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