Create a gratitude jar and fill it with notes of appreciation of everyday moments.

Tim Ferriss’s girlfriend gave him a Jar of Awesome and increased his gratitude for life overnight. They use the jar when random events spark joy and find that it helps cultivate the habit of looking for the good every day. The jar keeps a record of great things that actually happened, all of which are easy to forget. It increases appreciation, reduces seriousness and hopelessness, and improves quality of life.


  1. Get an empty jar and decorate it.
    Write JAR OF AWESOME or something eye-catching in glitter letters on the side.

  2. Place the jar where you will see it constantly.
    It’s a fun reminder that there are lots of things to be grateful for. There is a lot of good in life.

  3. Anytime you feel excited or joyful, write down the reason and place it in the jar.
    When something great happens, you think you’ll remember it three months later, but you won’t. Writing it down and making a fuss increases your enjoyment of the moment and records it for later enjoyment.

  4. Cultivate the habit of putting something in every day.
    Look for the good, practice finding the good, and you’ll see it more often.

  5. On special occasions, or when you need a lift, read the contents.
    We tend to celebrate very briefly, if at all, so this pays dividends for weeks or years. On your birthday or Christmas, open the JAR OF AWESOME and enjoy the memories.


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