Create a death countdown clock to focus on living.

Kevin Kelly, a best-selling author, co-founded Wired magazine in 1993. He also co-founded the All Species Foundation, a nonprofit aimed at cataloging and identifying every living species on earth. Kevin believes that nothing concentrates your time like knowing how many days you have left to see your loved ones and to do all the things you want to do. He encourages everyone to display (on their computer) the number of days remaining in their life. This display encourages him to approach each day with vigor and purpose and to drop time-wasting and ineffective practices.


  1. Consult the actuarial tables for your estimated age of death.
    Consider your date of birth and the country you have lived in the longest.

  2. Work out the number of days from now until that age.
    Calculate from today until the day you turn the estimated age of death. Of course, you may live longer than that if in good health, etc.

  3. Display the number of days remaining on your computer screen.
    Each day when you log in, have the number of days remaining displayed.


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