Create a daily list of habits to use as prompts to help you develop your desired habit.


  1. List all the habits you do in the morning before you start work
    For example: brushing teeth, having coffee, morning stretches.

  2. List all the habits you do before lunch, during lunch, and after lunch
    For example: taking multiple walks to the fridge, going to the lunchroom, going for a stroll outdoors, etc.

  3. List all the habits you do to wrap up your day at work and after you leave work (including those at home)
    For example: tidying your desk before leaving the office, hanging your coat up when you walk through your door at home, etc.

  4. List all the daily habits you do just before you go to bed
    For example: having dinner, packing the dishwasher, putting the garbage out, brushing your teeth, etc.

  5. Draw on this list of prompts for ones to anchor your desired habit to.
    These actions are already embedded in your life so seamlessly and naturally that you don’t have to think about them. And because of that, they make fantastic prompts to help remind you of what you need to do.


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