Craft a story-driven presentation


  1. Paint a picture of the current world. Start by providing a concise yet comprehensive overview of the audience's current reality. Show your deep understanding of their situation and perspectives, demonstrating empathy and knowledge.
  2. Introduce the "call to adventure. Present a big idea that contrasts with the current reality, showcasing what could be. Highlight a bold vision for the future, emphasizing the profound difference it can make. Engage the audience's imagination and curiosity by illustrating the exciting journey they could embark upon.
  3. Create contrast to capture attention. Utilize various forms of contrast to captivate and maintain the audience's attention throughout your presentation. Employ different viewpoints and perspectives to compare the limitations of the present with the vast potential of the future. Balance logical arguments with emotional appeals. Incorporate a mix of traditional and innovative presentation methods to keep the audience engaged and intrigued.
  4. Define audience action. Clearly articulate what you're asking the audience to do. Paint a vivid picture of the transformative rewards and benefits they can expect by embracing your ideas.
  5. Wrap up with an inspirational ending. Wrap up the presentation on an inspirational note that leaves the audience feeling empowered and motivated. Summarize the key points and reiterate the stark contrast between the current state and the potential future. Use language that evokes enthusiasm, hope, and optimism, painting a vivid picture of the positive impact that can be achieved by adopting your ideas. Leave the audience with a sense of excitement and a clear understanding of the next steps they can take.


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