Prioritize what truly makes you happy


  1. Question social norms about happiness.
    Take a moment to think deeply about what truly brings you joy and fulfillment, independent of the common societal milestones like marriage, career success, or material possessions. Write down your own definition of happiness. Ask yourself: What activities, relationships, or goals make me feel most alive? This step encourages you to carve out a path to happiness that resonates with your values and desires, rather than conforming to external pressures.
  2. Practice negative visualization.
    What are the things you value the most? Who are the people you care about? Think about them and imagine what it would be like to lose them. This practice will help you be more grateful for all the things you currently have.
  3. Engage in voluntary discomfort.
    Choose one comfort to give up for a week. This comfort could range from daily conveniences like using social media, enjoying your favorite coffee, and watching TV, to other personal indulgences. The goal here isn't to deprive yourself for the sake of hardship but to gain insight into how much these comforts truly contribute to your happiness and well-being.
  4. Prioritize what truly matters in your life.
    Just like a juggler can only keep so many balls in the air, you must choose where to focus your energy and attention. List all the areas demanding your time and effort. Then, prioritize them based on what genuinely enriches your life. This exercise helps you to let go of or minimize time spent on less important activities, so you can concentrate on what truly adds value to your life.


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