Follow the three cardinal rules of email prospecting


  1. Send one-to-one emails to ensure they will be delivered.
    To achieve this, make sure to focus on the quality of your email over quantity. Resist the urge to send out a mass email to multiple prospects at once, as this can quickly get your email address blacklisted. Additionally, consider the content of your email: avoid including potential red flags such as images, hyperlinks, and attachments. Before sending your email, ask yourself, "Have I included any elements in my email that might be seen as spam triggers?"
  2. Leverage familiarity to increase open rates.
    Think of ways to familiarize your prospects with your name or brand before the email lands in their inbox. For instance, can you leave a memorable voicemail or engage them on LinkedIn? As for the subject line, think about what would grab their attention. Could it be a connection to a recent accomplishment? A reference to mutual acquaintances? Or perhaps a statement that addresses a specific challenge they're facing?
  3. Ensure your email leads to the desired action or conversion.
    Your email's success hinges on its relevancy to the recipient. Templates can be efficient, but personalizing each message showcases genuine effort and understanding of the prospect's needs. Consider asking yourself: What's important to this prospect? How can I show them I understand their challenges or aspirations? Make sure to also include a clear call to action. Remember that even the most engaged reader may be left uncertain about the next steps.


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