Counteract the emotion of anger.

If you allow your anger to fester, it will only spiral out of control. Practice the above steps every time you feel the beginnings of anger to nip the emotion in the bud.


  1. Cool your anger by correcting your physical actions.
    Take note of how your body reacts when you feel anger - do you clench your fists or tense your muscles? Then, make a conscious decision to reverse those reactions; unclench your fists and relax your muscles. Your anger will cool and dissipate.

  2. Say to yourself, “Don’t be a fool. This won’t get me anywhere, so skip it.”
    Alternatively, you can say, “Is this really worth what it is doing to me emotionally? I will make a fool of myself,” or, “It isn’t worth it to spend $1,000 worth of emotion on a five-cent irritation.

  3. Make a list of everything that irritates you.
    Anger is usually felt when there is a buildup of many small irritations. Write out a list of all these irritations, no matter how small they are. This will help you let go of them.

  4. Talk to someone you trust.
    Pour out all your feelings to them, then forget it completely.


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