Control the use of technology to minimize distraction and maximize productivity.

Filtering how you use social media and only using slow media reduces the amount of time you spend on social media. You also greatly increase the amount of high-quality content that you take in. At this point, everything in your social media will be beneficial to you.


  1. Delete all social media apps on your phone.
    This does not mean that you stop using your phone completely. It just means that you can only access these accounts on your computer or your phone’s web browser.

  2. Use tools to block websites and apps on your electronic devices.
    Use tools such as Freedom to aggressively control the websites and apps you allow on your computer. Make this a default setting. Set time blocks to limit when you use certain apps or websites.

  3. Use filters and other tools to extract relevant and useful information from social media.
    Filter your content on social media. Only follow and contact people who add value to your life.

  4. Choose slow media to be mindful of your media consumption.
    Carefully choose what type of media you tune in to. Slow media are high in quality, content, and production. Maximize the quality of media you consume under optimal conditions to consume them.

  5. Dumb down your smartphone.
    Get a flip phone or an old phone that has no internet. When you need to spend time with important people, keep your old phone in an area where you can access it.

  6. Get a light phone.
    When going out on short walks or trips with your family, bring your light phone. People who call your smartphone will get forwarded to your light phone. It acts as an escape hatch from your iPhone.


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