Continue with working towards your fitness goals, even when you hit a plateau

The cumulative effect of sticking to your habits helps you bring in the results even after you succeed or if you hit a plateau. Making minor adjustments along the way is essential to ensure you work towards your goal as efficiently as possible.


  1. Continue working towards your goal even after the initial results
    Write down your fitness goals and make sure you work on your goal every day - even if it just a tiny step forward.

  2. Make small, necessary adjustments to your habits if you hit a plateau
    If you are dieting, understand that you can continue with your habits with the right adjustments even if your body adapts to a lower number of calories.

  3. Be confident about working out at the gym
    Even if you are a beginner, do not let the more muscular people and personal trainers intimidate you. Try not to let your limiting beliefs and the impostor syndrome affect you.


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