Conquer your fears by rehearsing your worst-case scenarios.

Tim Ferriss believes that facing your fears prepares, conditions, and desensitizes you to horrible situations so you can deal with them if they happen. He rehearses his worst-case scenarios, and when he has survived sleeping outside for a fortnight or living off only rice and beans, he feels happier and less fearful. Tim wants everyone to realize that their well-being is independent of having an excess of money. It then becomes easier to take ‘risks’ and say ‘no’ to things. Suffer a little regularly, and you often cease to suffer.


  1. Imagine you had lost all your money and possessions.
    What would life be like then? How would you survive?

  2. Do something you would need to do to survive in that scenario for 3-14 days.
    Sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor or outside. Wear cheap shirts and a single pair of jeans for the entire time. Use a service where you live in hosts’ homes for free. Eat only instant oatmeal and/or rice and beans. Drink only water and cheap instant coffee or tea. Fast and consume only water. Access the Internet only at libraries.


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