Develop emotional awareness to conquer procrastination


  1. Recognize your discomfort:
    When you start feeling negative emotions like frustration, anxiety, or boredom while facing a task, pause and remind yourself that these feelings are normal. Write down the specific emotions you're feeling. This awareness helps you understand that this discomfort is why you might procrastinate.
  2. Find an alternative emotion to focus on.
    Instead of dwelling on negative emotions, actively choose to focus on positive aspects like curiosity, desire to succeed, or interest. Visualize the satisfaction and benefits of completing the task to stay engaged.
  3. Create an implementation intention to stay put.
    Prepare yourself with an "if...then" statement for when you face the task. Write it down and keep it visible. For example, "If I feel negative emotions when I face the task, then I will stay put and not stop, put off the task, or run away." This commitment helps you handle the task despite negative emotions.
  4. Choose a mantra to keep you focused.
    Develop a mantra or slogan to help you stay focused on completing the task. For instance, "Don't give in to feel good, step on up to what should." Repeat this mantra whenever you feel tempted to procrastinate.
  5. Prepare for justifications and excuses.
    Recognize your tendency to justify procrastination with thoughts like "I'll feel more like doing this tomorrow." List common excuses you use and counter them with rational responses. For example: "I don't have enough time now" can be countered with "I can make progress in just 10 minutes."
  6. Reward yourself for progress.
    Set up a reward system for completing parts of the task. Decide on small rewards for each milestone you achieve. This can motivate you to keep working. This can be as simple as taking a short break, enjoying a snack, or treating yourself to something you enjoy, like watching a short video or going for a walk.


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